Team Work


Our people have accomplished a lot in short span…

People always come first at Geeta Group undisputedly this commitment to put people first make this GSCS a great place to work…

We would be nowhere without our teams. At GSCS, team work means mutual acceptance, trust, wining ,pride, respect and the belief that all of us can learn something from our colleagues. We pull in one direction and though we are from culturally diverse backgrounds, we believe in unity and diversity. The team leaders at GSCS show by example and try to inspire the team using their own outstanding performance.

This recognition celebrates our focus on employees..

Personal Ownership: 9 to 6 IS THE BEST TIME OF MY DAY

You will get a platform embedded in culture of Training, Learning, Mentoring…

"The buck stops here" attitude enables you to take on responsibility, plan, giving your best shot and follow up to see if the outcome matched the client's expectations- That is what personal ownership means to us.


When you join GSCS, you become a member of a 500 strong family! We encourage you to take responsibility right from the first day. We expect you to excel at your work and be in charge. You will get plenty of opportunities to learn. We also do every thing possible to strike a work –life balance in colleagues lives with special innovates & celebrations..

We regularly update our job listings and whether you are a fresher or a professional with experience, you will find working at GSCS challenging and stimulating.

We spend close to 50% of our productive time at the work place which is why we need it give our 100% and have fun doing it..We call it as "FUNDAMENTAL OF WORK"!!!

The other fundamental working places are :


Fan quotient

Innovation, Development of both personalities cover..

At GSCS, delighted people deliver delight to customers..