AEO Consultant in Mumbai

Our views on how has AEO certification contributed to speedy movement and enhance our business:

Indian Authorised Economic Operator ( AEO) Programme has been developed pursuant to guidelines of the World Customs Organization (WCO) adoption of SAFE Framework of Standards in 2005

We have been awarded the AEO Certification in the month of February 2016 and it is too early to comment on the benefits.

Definite benefits are promised to businesses to facilitate trade to exporters, importers, for Logistic Service Providers , for Custodians or Terminal Operators, for Customs House Agents and for Warehouse Operators.

As a Custom Broker, we will get the benefit of extended validity period of licenses . The License will be valid till validity of their AEO authorization. Also the fee for renewal of the license shall be exempted.

Reduced time and reduced cost is another benefit expected by Indian AEO programme. There will be increased safety & security standards which will benefit the industry. AEOs will be recognized as safe, secure and compliant business partners internationally.

AEO Certification will contribute to speedy movement and enhance our business With this additional recognition we expect to increased volume of business as customer confidence in us is expected to increase.

In my opinion if all trade partners come together and opt for AEO Certification, it would make a difference and would be able to reap the benefits in speedy clearances.